Tamiko Sidore
Tamiko Sidore


Group Show- "Inhabiting Blurred Divides"

Berkeley Young Women's Art Collective brings to you a collaborative showcase, meditating on the forces that shape, twist, ground, and warp our identities as women and creators. Join us at our opening reception for 'Inahbiting Blurred Divides' to view the fruition of our endeavors. We invite you to interact with the space and step into our collective conversation on the intricacies and abstractions that define womanhood, femininity, sexuality, and empowerment. Featuring work from Amanda Burke, Chrystia Cabral, Kathleen Yarnold and Tamiko Sidore

'Inhabiting Blurred Divides' on display: Nov 14- Dec 6 2014

1246 Folsom St, San Francisco, California 94103

Opening reception: Friday, Nov. 14th 7pm-9pm

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